Commercial playground Zipline at Luther Burbank Park


Our Priority!


At Northwest Playground Equipment, our mission is “Building Community through Play.” NPEI has been a family-owned company for nearly 25 years and we specialize in being a resource for all of your park and playground needs. With our extensive experience in the park & recreation field we are ready to help you plan your next venture.


Caring About the Future of Play


For generations to come we want to see happy, healthy play!  We work with manufacturers that care just as much about the environment and it's impact on play as we do. Many of them carry LEED certifications and Playworld Systems, Inc. is 99.999% PVC Free. From cradle-to-cradle our products are carefully selected to represent the best in green action.  Contact Us for additional information.


Only High Quality Products


We carry some of the best warranties in the business. We sell only the best product lines from manufacturers with proven track records. Playworld Systems, Inc. makes every playground item with care and precision. Some features include:


Environmentally Friendly Eco-Armor™

Eco-Armor is Playworld’s long-lasting, thermoplastic Polyethylene (PE) coating—the 100% recyclable, durable alternative to traditional PVC coatings. PE coatings like Eco-Armor average a 38% lower carbon footprint than PVC coatings and are safe and easy to dispose of. Eco-Armor is also phthalate free, lead free, and cadmium free, making it safe for our environment and our health.


Superdurable Paints

Playworld Systems’ exclusive use of Superdurable Polyester Powder Coating provides enhanced, light-stable pigments for superior UV stability and fade resistance.


Tamper-Resistant Stainless Steel Hardware

Backed by a lifetime warranty, all Playworld Systems' hardware is stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion. Exposed hardware is also tamper-resistant for added security.


Compounded Pigmented Rotomolded Plastics

All Playworld Systems' rotomolded plastic components are made of compounded pigmented resins, which provide up to 23 times more impact resistance than the more commonly used dry-blended resin. Backed by a 15-year warranty, their plastics are also UV resistant, so your colors stay brighter longer.


Industry-Leading Decks

Playworld Systems’ decks are the strongest in the industry, made of one-piece, 12-gauge, perforated steel that’s flange-formed and reinforced with extra support beams, then sealed in 40-60 mils of our exclusive Eco-Armor Polyethylene coating for extra protection. Plus, all Playworld decks are backed by a 15-year warranty.


Double-Banded Clamps

The most versatile, easy-to-install clamp in the industry, Playworld Systems' die-cast Double-Banded Clamp features an exclusive S-lap design that eliminates all clamp string entanglement concerns. More than 10 times stronger than required by ASTM, their hinged clamp is backed back by a lifetime warranty.


Triple-Coated Tubing

Playworld's cold-formed steel tubing provides high-shield, high-tensile strength and has an interior corrosion resistant coating, which we enhance even further with our superior Triple Coating process


Exceptional Play-Value!

Northwest Playground Equipment's commercial playground and park equipment products are backed by extensive warranties and long term service. Everything we sell is made with quaility, integrity and is built to last. We have a full in-house staff to assist you with anything you need.

Coped Welding

Our welders use coped welds to create stronger, cleaner joints that are able to withstand constant use and varying weight loads. Coped weld joints are stronger because more of the tubing surface is in direct contact at the weldment. And coped welds are also smoother than traditional flat welds, making them less susceptible to rust.


Lead Times

10-15 business days for parts in most cases. Get the replacement parts you need-Fast!