Northwest Playground Equipment has an On-Staff Certified Inclusive Play Designer to help you build your future playground! Playworld Systems also has some of the most highly trained designers in the entire industry. They are brimming with knowledge and resources for you to put to use.


Many people assume that Inclusive Playgrounds are out of their budget and need extensive ramping. However, ground-based play is a great alternative to ramp-based structures and maximizes play value for your budget. Elevated play can still be reached with climbers, natural hills or berm slides.









Inclusive Playground Equipment


Inclusion is so much more than helping children with disabilities. It goes above and beyond ADA to engage kids and adults of all abilities. Play is holistic and everyone deserves a place to accrue the benefits of physical, social and sensory enrichment. It's about the entire family being able to enjoy a play space, including parents or grandparent with disabilities. We want to provide your community or school with a rich, innovative playground that gives everyone an opportunity to grown and learn with new friends.


























The Inclusive Play Design Guide has been developed by a group of playground and child development experts as an inspirational and educational resource to help create great outdoor play environments for everyone.


Everyone means typically-developing children, children on the autism spectrum, children who have a cognitive disability, and those who use a wheelchair.


Everyone means all the people in the family, not just the children. The issue is much larger. The design of playgrounds and surrounding environments in almost every community prevents parents and grandparents with disabilities, including injured veterans, from taking typically developing children there.


The Inclusive Play Design Guide offers a set of strategies and solutions to the challenges that face communities in their journey to inclusive play.


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Are You New to Inclusive Playgrounds? Want to Know More?

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New 2015 Inlusive Playground Brochure by Playworld Systems, Inc.