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Homestead Park in Gig Harbor is a Boundless Playground that features two inclusive structures

Inclusive playground Design


1) Guidelines and Laws including ADA

The foundation of Inclusive Design involves a knowledge of the Guidelines used to keep children safe while they play.

2) Planning and Preparation

Inclusive playgrounds require a team with a variety of skills. From the topography of your site to learning about the needs of children with disabilities, you can plan for a successful project.

3) Layout and Access

Layout and access can make a massive difference between a poor playground design and a successful one. Typically-developing children don't require the same accessibility needs that can keep others from enjoying the playground. For example: Wayfinding organizes the playground into colors, textures, auditory devices or graphics to help children identify the best route to where they want to go. Think of it as a detailed map for children who might otherwise become unnecessarily fearful or stressed by overstimulation. Unitary Surfacing is also key to provide wheelchair and walker access.

3) Play Richness

Play richness assures that a large range of developmental play events are available. We want to make sure that there are a variety of different challenge levels for different events, and that we provide "cozy" rest areas for children that need some time away from socializing. These events are broken down into 4 main categories:


Physical: Includes spinning, sliding, rocking, swinging, climbing, balancing, jumping & bouncing, and movement experienced from a wheelchair.

Aero Glider


Sensory: Includes tactile, auditory, visual, interaction with natural features & cozy places



Social: Includes cooperative play, social interaction (and time alone), dramatic & imaginative play

sand and water tablespacer


Other: Rich play at all heights (on decks)

Kandle Park is an inclusive playground


Learn more! We have Full Inclusive Design Guides and Check-lists Available