Northwest Playground Equipment : Building Community Through Play!


It transforms communities,

encourages self-discovery and unites us all


The Power of Play Exists in Possibility


The possibility to be yourself, to put aside worries

and to meet on common ground









Do you Have a Vision?

Planning your playground involves more than just choosing equipment. Consider your area or site to maximize it's potential for play. From massive Inclusive Parks to Pocket Parks there is a great solution waiting for your site.  Contact us today for a free site visit to evaluate your specific site needs.


Budget Solutions

We understand that your budget is often the largest hurdle to face when planning a playground. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you, and to help you find the resources you need so that you don't have to limit your project's success. There are many options to explore. Head over to our resources page for more info.



We carry some of the best warranties in the business. Why? Because we sell only the best product lines from manufacturers with proven track records. Playworld Systems, Inc. makes every playground item with care and precision. Some features include:


  • Environmentally Friendly Eco-Armor™
  • Superdurable Paints
  • Tamper-Resistant Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Rust Defender
  • Compounded Pigmented Rotomolded Plastics
  • The Industry's Strongest, Most Environmentally Friendly Platforms
  • Double-Banded Clamps
  • Triple-Coated Posts and Tubing
  • Multiple Size Post Options
  • Factory-Installed Post Caps
  • Coped Welding
  • Rock-Solid PolyFiberCrete®
  • Playground-Tough Ropes
  • Industry-Best Shade Fabric
  • Lead Times

         10-15 business days for parts in most cases. Get the replacement parts you need-Fast!