Choosing the Right Equipment for School Age (5-12) Children


Picking the right equipment for your budget, site, and proper age groups doesn't need to be difficult. We are skilled in helping you to narrow down the options that are best for your specific situation. Regardless of what you choose, you can rest easy knowing that our structures are certified safe by IPEMA and made with the safest, most durable and environmentally-sustainable products in the industry. In fact, Playworld Systems, Inc. is the only playground equipment manufacturer to have earned a Silver Certification from Cradle to Cradle.




Once a target for reductions or elimination, recess is staging a comeback in schools. Educators and Caregivers understand how imperative recess is for children! View the Schools Idea Book and find out researchers are saying in Recess Rediscovered.



Working in Parks & Recreation is an understanding of the true value of time spent in nature. We are experienced in working with Parks & Recreation professionals, and in bringing quality play to families in the beauty of the outdoors.



Playgrounds generate dollar value for residential communities. A great playground attracts families, promotes social interaction and improves quality of life for people, in turn increasing occupancy and your bottom line. See examples of how Play Pays.



Playworld creates their holistic product lines to engage landscape architects in play design. Together we can connect to design unique, powerful and modern playgrounds. Use our resources such as AutoCAD Drawings and our Play Space Design Guide.



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