DuMor is a proud U.S. manufacturer of  site furnishings, and was founded over 30 years ago based on the steadfast belief in providing the best quality product. This tradition of attention to quality along with DuMor's commitment to providing superior customer service continues today and makes DuMor one of the leading names in the site furnishings industry.


In addition to its standard product line, one of DuMor’s strengths is the ability to design and produce custom pieces. Another strength is DuMor’s commitment to green manufacturing. The company uses the highest percentage of post consumer and post industrial content steel, the highest quality recycled plastic, and as much wood as possible from mills who harvest on a sustained yield basis.


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One Great Company, Three Great Brands


Wabash Valley offers a large selection of tables, chairs, litter receptacles, planters,umbrellas and more, all available in numerous styles, colors and finishes to fit whatever your need – functional, elegant, eco-friendly, always reliable – without the high price.  Under one roof, you’ll find an amazing variety of styles and colors in three product lines:





The flagship product line, Wabash Valley’s Plastisol-coated outdoor furniture will weather the elements and heavy-use environments where utmost durability is the preeminent criterion.




The high-end style of Urbanscape’s line of Powder-coated furniture fits perfectly in urban or retail environments. Sleek lines, unexpected designs – Urbanscape gives you a more architectural look that’s built to last.




Green Valley is the newest product offering and is constructed with PolyTuf Recycled lumber made from post-consumer plastics. This environmentally friendly line offers the look of wood, but without cracking and fading.


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Pedestrian-friendly Tree grates and drainage solutions,

Tree grate Up-Lighting, Tree Guards, Bollards & Site Amenities

Sole source for Patented Paver-Grate™ SUSPENDED PAVER SYSTEM


They have been making tree grates, trench grates and bollards under the IRONSMITH banner for over thirty years. In 1984 IRONSMITH was the first tree grate manufacturer to produce a 1/4" slot opening width tree grate. IRONSMITH developed the Starburst Series 1 and Series 2 in response to requests from Las Vegas hotels for a grate that would not trap ladies spike high heel shoes. Five years later the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed and IRONSMITH removed all grates with slots over 1/2" from our product line to promote improved safety for all pedestrians.


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