Pilot Butte playground in Bend, Oregon features Activo, wheelchair ramps, tot swing seats, and accessible surfacing.


Let's Get Started!

There are so many options and so much to think about when creating a new playground or playspace. From large to small there are some direct steps to make your planning process simple and fun! We can help walk you through the basics.

Age Range

•Think about what age group you are working with. Small children, Kindergartners, elementary school age, teenagers and adults all have very different skill sets and limitations. But don't worry, we will help you find equipment that is perfect to matter the age group (or all of the above).


•How many children (or adults) will your playground need to hold? We can help you consider ways to improve capacity or spread the children out to more play events.

Special Needs

•Determine if there will be playground users with physical or mental limitations. There are special factors to consider when designing a playground for appropriate access and developmental needs. We specialize in designing playgrounds for wheelchair access, autistic individuals and other kids with different limitations. We believe strongly in radical inclusion, and don't want anyone to miss out on the benefits of play. Please see our page on Inclusive Playgrounds for more information.


•Our playgrounds are built around safety. Most of our playgrounds are IPEMA-certified and meet all current guidelines-CPSC, EN, ASTM and CSA. Our playground manufacturer is proud to have received the distinguished ISO 9001 certification. Playworld Systems™ maintains a direct involvement with the Federal Access Board on the assessment of ADA guidelines.


•Northwest Playground Equipment, Inc. doesn't just believe that customer service is important, we believe it is paramount to a good relationship with our customers. A good standing relationship is our ultimate goal for every customer, we will do what it takes to give you the best service possible. We are here for every single step. From design, to site visits, to replacement parts we stand by our products and promise long after your project is in the ground. We offer so many services to complete any scope of project-large and small. See what else we can do for you!


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