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Gene Coulon Park in Renton, WA features age appropriate play equipment.


Site Size and Shape:

Make sure your site is large enough to accommodate both active and quiet play areas. If you have a limited site we can still find equipment to suit your needs. A fairly flat site with good drainage is important. The less prep and leveling you will need to do-the better for your budget.


Consider your access paths and the nearest parking availability. Accessibility to people of all abilities will create a more desirable playspace and let everyone enjoy your new park or playground. Providing signage and information about the area will provide a nicely finished project.

Safety & Supervision:

Use zones are the areas around the equipment and between equipment that need to be maintained for a safe playground. Consider your sight lines through the area to provide good supervision for caregivers and parents to keep an eye on children. Learn more about Rules & Guidelines

Safety surfacing is very important for fall protection and accessibility. Find more information on surfacing options.


Call for a locate before you consider installation. Identify and mark existing utilities such as gas, water and electric lines. This is mandatory for safety.

Site Amenities:

Creating an enjoyable experience for your community with the right finishing touches.
•Easy accessible parking
•Lighting and fencing for safety
•Benches, picnic tables and restroom facilities
•Shade or shelter from sun and rain


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