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Budget Solutions

Think of some creative ways to raise community funds. Host a dog-walk-a-thon, a chili cook-off or a murder mystery dinner. Ask local businesses to donate goods and services and hold a silent auction and dinner event. Let people 'buy' parts of the playground and honor them with a custom sign. Be creative! Make sure to publicize your even with press releases and online social media.

Grants and Stimulus Funding
Call on your local government and non-profit organizations to see what grants are available. Some options include:
•City or county government offices
•School Board
•Department of Parks & Recreation
•Local grant-making foundations
•United way and similar non-profit organizations
Contact us for a full list!

Community Build
Installation can cost around 30% of your total budget, and a community build can help to reduce or eliminate this cost. Recruit local volunteers and parents to participate in Build Day and organize them in to teams to make the day productive and fun. We can help you with site supervision for the day, at a cost much below full installation, so that you have an expert on hand.

Consider installing sections of your playground at different times to give you more time to raise money for the whole project. We are happy to help you plan a phased solution to reduce initial budget constraints.

Some leasing options are available, please contact us for more information.

National Purchasing Partners
Northwest Playground Equipment, Inc. is a proud partner with NPP. It is free to join and available to any public organization. This partnership allows us to offer you a great discount for joining!

State and Other Purchasing Contracts
Depending on your location and project we may also be able to offer you discounts from the Oregon State Purchasing Contract, The League of Oregon Cities, and KCDA.

Standard Expenses to Consider

•Tax (where applicable)
Site Preparation
•Storage (if needed)
•Construction Materials
•Landscaping Services

Northwest Playground HAS a budget solution for you. Give us a call for more information

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North Marion schools playground features independent climbing structures.